Functional Design

Overarching Considerations

This program is intended as a tool to make it easier to manage and share patches for Peavey ™ Vypyr amplifiers. While the main concept is to manage patches in this program and download them to the Vypyr using the MIDI interface this program should also provide an alternative for users without a MIDI interface to see the settings on a graphic visualization of the Vypyr and use this image to load the patch manually.

The designed primary interface for this program is the rear MIDI interface on the Vypyr. The code may eventually support the USB-MIDI interface on the Vypyr 75s and above, but there is already a librarian solution for these amplifiers. Remember that the main target user for this app is Vypyr 30 and modified 15 owners. Thus the application needs to be designed assuming one-way communication with the amplifier. This necessitates a robust data transmission (possibly sending everything twice) and the program keeping track of what the user has done internally as there is no update confirmation back from the Vypyr that the change actually was committed to the amplifier.

A major purpose for this application is to facilitate sharing patches with other Vypyr owners. For this reason, reasonable efforts must be made to ensure that the program is file format compatible with the Peavey written Vypyr Librarian program. This file compatibility needs to be mantained for both reading and writing of patch libraries.

Only use open source libraries and tools

Release strategy

Release 1 required features are:

  • Library import, update, and save in a format that is data compatible with the Peavy Librarian (ver 1.05)
  • Graphic representation of a patch to look like the Vypyr
  • MIDI code to identify devices, download patches (possibly one at a time) to a Vypyr.
  • Release 2 possible features:

  • Entire library uploads and downloads
  • Settings download from Vypyrs with UDB
  • Sysex downloads to non-Peavey foot pedals