Virtual Vypyr Home Page

Patch management program for Peavey Vypyr® Amplifiers.

The Peavey Vypyr® is one of a new generation of guitar amplifiers that does much more than just amplify the sound from an electric guitar. The Vypyr series of amplifiers are what are commonly referred to as Modeling Amplifiers because thay are able to emulate the sounds and distortion effects of other guitar amplifiers through Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

In addition to modeling other amplifiers, the Vypyr series is also built with multiple in-line sound effects processors such as reverb, tremolo, and chorus that can be used to alter the sound created by the amplifier. An additional feature found on Vypers is 12 built in stomp boxes that provide modifications to the guitar signal like BC Chorus, Fuzz, and Tube Screamer.

Needless to say, keeping track of all of the possible settings and configurations on a Vypyr amplifier can be a bit of a challenge. The purpose of this program is to provide a convenient utility for storing, modifying, cataloging, and sharing these settings with other Vypyr owners. Additional functionality provides for downloading these settings to the amplifier using its built-in MIDI interface.

Project Status

Last Update - 25 February, 2011

The prototype for the Patch Manager is starting to come together. The basic layout of the user interface is in place. I will release this prototype on the project site and send out requests for users to try the program out and make recommendations related to how the interface works.

Recently added code to open and save library files. Also added real rough code to import a Bank File from the Peavay Librarian program. Still working on mapping data properly here. This is particular to delay timer values and names used for stomp boxes and for Effects. Enabled functionality for storing comments on a patch setting. Added data fields for 'Inspiration' and for 'Genre' but fields have not been added to the screens for these data elements.

Still working on decyphering the Peavey Librarian file format to allow the Patch Manager to use Librarian compatible files. Also trying to decide if it is worth while to be able to write files for the PLib program